About CV

At CV, we are just a group of people who love our Lord, love each other and love everyone
with the love of Christ. We surely aren’t perfect, but we know that God loves us anyway and is
working in us as we grow closer to Him.

We are a family that prays together, worships together, laughs together and cries together. We
are a family that looks forward to being together on Sunday and Wednesday and other times
throughout the week.

We believe that God loves everyone and wants everyone to be one of His children. We want
everyone to know that and to feel how awesome it is to be loved by Him.

We love God’s Word and want to know it better and understand it more. We want everyone to
know what God has to say and love to share it.

Basically, we are just a group of Christians that are saved by the grace of God and try to live
everyday showing Him how grateful we are for what He has done, what He is doing and what
He will do in our lives and in your life.

Simply put, we love God and try to glorify Him in everything we do.



Last Updated: Apr 29th, 2014

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2045 Horseshoe Road
Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717) 393-4281
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