Who We Are

The Conestoga Valley Church of Christ is a nondenominational congregation made up of followers of Jesus Christ. Originally planted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1953, it was known first as the Lincolnway Church of Christ. The current name was adopted when the church moved to its current location in 1973

Our spiritual heritage is rooted in what is known as the American Restoration Movement, which aspires to restore New Testament Christianity with a contemporary context. While we owe much to our heritage, however, we also value our local autonomy as a body of believers without denominational confinements. As such, we seek to follow the Word of God to the best of our ability, wherever it may lead us.

We aspire to be a part of the universal Body of Christ. We believe that this congregation is in the process of being transformed – individually and collectively – into the image of Jesus. We affirm that God is calling us to share his mission, as reflected in what is commonly referred to as “the Great Commission” (matthew 28:19-20): to help make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

While the Bible is our only creed, we have come to realize that churches often cannot be recognized simply by the name on their sign. For that reason, we have attempted to set down our conviction about some of the central tenets of our faith. The document that follows is not all inclusive, but a summary of where we stand on many of the core teachings of the Word of God. Our more extensive “General Statement of Beliefs” is available upon request from the church office.